Is there really salt in Salt Water Taffy?


Summertime in South Jersey always turns our thoughts to the Jersey Shore and the memories we have made in our favorite shore towns. For over 100 years vacationers have been taking home salt water taffy as a memento of their vacation and Atlantic City just happens to be the home of salt water taffy.

A popular legend tells us of a man named David Bradley who in 1883 had a huge storm hit his seaside candy shop in. It is believed that a young girl came up to Bradley as he was cleaning up from the storm to ask if the store had any taffy for sale and Bradley told her to help herself to the “Salt Water Taffy”. His mother heard the conversation from the back room and loved the name, and from that point on, his taffy was named Salt Water Taffy. No one knows if this story is fact of fiction but we do know that at that time, salt water taffy was a treat that was enjoyed while visiting the shore and that Joseph Fralinger of Atlantic City decided that it should be a product that you can bring home to keep the vacation feeling going. He invented a way to wrap and box the candy to sell to vacationers to take with them in one pound boxes. His idea spread like wildfire and by the 1920’s salt water taffy was a popular commodity with more than 450 manufacturers making and selling it.  Today you can find salt water taffy stores along every boardwalk on the eastern seaboard and although they are much the same, each manufacturer uses a different recipe and none of them include salt water from the sea as the name might imply! What is your favorite Salt Water Taffy? Let us know by contacting us at