Museum of the American Revolution

Experience history and drama in Philadelphia at two unique venues. The Museum of the American Revolution and the American Spirits, Rise and Fall of Prohibition exhibit at the National Constitution Center fill the bill. The Museum of the American Revolution opened on April 19th, the anniversary of the first battle of the war at Lexington & Concord on April 19, 1775.It has a collection of several thousand objects including weapons, manuscripts, artwork and sculpture. But it is the Main Galleries that highlight your visit here. A full-scale exhibit of Boston’s “Liberty Tree” (with a piece of the last original Liberty Tree from Annapolis, MD that survived there until 1999), a re creation of the Oneida Nation support of America, an exhibit entitled Becoming Revolutionaries that highlights the decade before the war, two galleries (A Revolutionary War 1778-1783, A New Nation 1783-Present) give perspective on the War and its aftermath.

The crown jewel of this impressive Museum however is Washington’s War Tent. Housed in a dedicated theatre, this moving presentation chronicles the history of one of our nations most prized possessions in a magnificently produced film. At films end the surprise of your visit awaits…a viewing of this original icon of the Revolution.

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